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3rd Avenue Manhattan

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3rd Avenue Manhattan

3rd Avenue, Manhattan

UDECX’s customer install of the month comes from Serge Zborovsky and it showcases many of the distinctive benefits of UDECX.

Here is what Serge has to say:

I own a bar on 3rd Avenue (a very busy avenue) in Manhattan.  I purchased UDECX so that my outdoor seating can stand out against the other outdoor spaces in the neighborhood.  I am very happy with the product.  It was extremely easy to build and looks great.  I am not a builder or a professional contractor, but my manager and I were able to complete the project in a few hours.”

What does Serge’s story tell us about UDECX?

  • UDECX has many practical applications and is extremely versatile
  • UDECX can be used as an eye-catching enhancement to an outdoor space and attract new customers
  • UDECX looks great
  • UDECX is really easy to install. DIY 101!
  • Customers love it!

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