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A Bright Idea – Switch to LEDs

A Bright Idea – Switch to LEDs

LEDs are better value for money than incandescent and halogen light bulbs and can be used in most existing fittings. LEDs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs and last 5-10 times longer, greatly reducing replacement costs and the number of light bulbs ending up in a landfill.

The Energy-efficient lighting offer makes it easier for businesses in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to reduce their energy use by replacing old inefficient lights with energy-efficient LED (light emitting diode) lights. The cost of purchasing the LED bulbs and having them installed by a professional is subsidised.

The up-front cost of LEDs generally has a payback time of less than 1 year. Green Specifier can organise a free assessment of your business by our partner, Ledlights Smart Tech. They can calculate your current usage and show how much you can save!


  • reduce electricity consumption and bills
  • reduced maintenance as LEDs last longer than other types of bulbs
  • reduced environmental impact by your business
  • 5 Year Warranty on product and work if you accept the quote from Ledlights Smart TechYes, that includes blown globes!

To be eligible for assistance, your business must:

  • must be in New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia
  • use an approved supplier like our Partner Ledlights Smart Tech
  • make a minimum payment for the lighting upgrade

Contact Green Specifier so we can arrange your FREE assessment and quote

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