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Leeaky Hose

Leeaky Hose – save up to 70% of water usage.

Leeaky Hose is simply the most environmental and resource-friendly irrigation system devised. It cuts watering needs by up to 70% and can even be used with recycled and rural water supplies.

Once Leeaky Hose is installed it’s connected, set and forget. Leeaky is maintenance and worries. It only needs a trickle of water to make your garden bloom.

Leeaky can be installed easily above ground or out of sight below ground, in runs of up to 100 meters.

  • Saves up to 70% on water usage
  • Easy to install and maintain – light and pliable, no drippers or jets to block
  • Waters the garden NOT the driveway
  • Uses standard hose fittings and connectors
  • Uses mains, rain, dam or recycled water
  • Delivers water directly to plant roots
  • An invisible system, see your plants not the irrigation
  • Aerates soil increasing microbic action and nitrogen levels
  • Irrigates up to 1.8m each side of the hose
  • Can distribute liquid fertiliser
  • Perfect for awkward gardens and narrow strips

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