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Sm,art Water Saving Shower head

Innovative water-saving showerheads by France’s award-winning company, Hydrao. Showerheads monitor your water usage through the HYDRAO app and use behaviour change to reduce water consumption.

SMART technology low flow showerheads help save water during water restrictions.

An average shower in Australia is around 64L.
HYDRAO Aloé monitored showers have an average of 18L.

HYDRAO leverages on behavioural change and on its water-efficient design to obtain these results.

Monitor your water usage

The lights change in real-time based on your water usage.

YOU decide when to stop and help save water in times of water restrictions while saving power cost at the same time.

If you wish to raise your children’s awareness about environmental issues or stop having cold showers because you’re the last one showering in the morning, HDYRAO helps you to manage your water usage in real-time.

Technology at its best

1. Powered by the shower’s natural water-flow, no external power supply is needed.
2. HYDRAO changes colours based on your water usage,
3. and sends data to the app so that you can monitor your savings.


HYDRAO Aloe Showerhead Specification

Product Sheet – Aloe

Product Sheet – Cereus

Product Sheet – Yucca

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