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Yucca Smart Rain Shower by Hydrao.


With the HYDRAO Rain Shower Yucca smart showerhead, showering becomes eco-friendly, fun and educational. 

Challenge yourself on your warm water consumption and achieve significant water and heating energy savings.

Savings of up to $214 per year PER PERSON is achievable (based on the average Australian shower)

Get that tropical resort feel under this luxurious shower and save water and money at the same time.




Hydrao Smart Shower helps you to manage your shower usage by measuring water usage in real time. Hydrao drives savings of up to 45% on your water and power bills while you shower using the smart application to send data to your phone. Return on your investment from approximately 6 months of saving water and energy! 

Savings of up to $214 per year PER PERSON is achievable (based on the average Australian shower)
Monitor your water usage with the Hydrao App in real-time and build up a history of showers so you can see your water and energy-saving efforts.

The smart shower changes light colours based on water usage in real-time. Pre-set thresholds are Green for 0-10 litres, Blue for 10to 20 litres, Pink for 30 to 40 litres and blinking Red after 40 litres. You are able to personalise each threshold to meet your needs.
Great way to modify showering behaviour in the home, shared accommodation and even hotels and hostels. 


The Yucca is rated 3.5 Star under WELS to help produce amazing savings on water.
Ideal for houses in areas with water restrictions as you can measure by litres, not time.
Require OS: Android 4.3 and later. Apple iOS.  Bluetooth. Hydraulic energy harvesting so no batteries required.
WELS Registration Number: S14444

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 242 × 242 × 97 mm