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You save money by reducing the amount of energy you use.

You reduce your carbon footprint, you help reduce carbon in the air.

  1. Currently, we can help you save by having your energy bills assessed by our partner, Make It Cheaper, who has helped thousands of Australian businesses save money by finding a cheaper deal from the large energy retailers. The best thing is that it does not cost you any money to have your bill assessed – It’s FREE!!
  2. In partnership with LEDLights Smartech, Green Specifier can have your business given a ‘Lighting Checkup’ where a representative will inspect your premises, count the number and types of lights you currently have and give you a written quote to supply and install new LED Lights under either the NSW (ESS), South Australian (REES) or Victoria’s (VEET) energy saving schemes. You do not pay for this assessment and if you accept the quote you pay for the supply and installation at a reduced rate AND receive a 5 Year Warranty on the globes as well as the work.

The Energy Efficiency Programs in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are State Government run programs to help reduce greenhouse gasses in businesses as well as homes. For a quick overview and links to each of the states schemes. Just click HERE

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