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Green Sustainable Loans

Green Specifier is Australian funds facilitator is the link between Lenders and Borrowers. Green Specifier is capable of arranging funds for corporate clients in the vicinity from US$50 Million up to US$ 30 Billion through multiple lending sources. Minimum funding proposal accepted is for US$50 Million. Money is clean as it is sourced from major banks / financial institutes globally and in Australia. The focus is on funding sustainability projects, but the lender will be able to fund infrastructure projects that generate mass employment.  

100% Debt finance can be provided to infrastructure projects with positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. Some of the categories are listed below.

Energy Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Bioenergy, Hydro, W2E, Storage
Transport Rail, Aviation, Marine, Private & Public
Water Private & Public, Aquaculture
Buildings Residential, Commercial, Urban Development, Tourism, Sport
Land Use & Marine
Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Supply Chain Management
Industry Cement, Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Glass, Chemical
Waste Recycling/Upcycling; Waste to Energy/Fertilizer
Health Hospitals, Clinics, Wellness Centers, Nursing Homes
Manufacturing plants/Production Facilities, Carbon
Sinks etc

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