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Smelly Old Sports Shoes

Smelly Old Sports Shoes

How many times have you wondered what happens to your old shoes? Most people would not even think of this as a problem.

Currently, you may have noble intentions, throwing your shoes in the recycle bin actually causes more harm than good as most sports shoes are made from a mix of different materials. Your local recycling depot will most likely need to throw the shoes away and separate them from recyclable materials.

This is a complete waste of resources as these shoes do include materials that can be recycled. Unfortunately, the current technology does not have the capability to handle this mix.

Newtecpoly has again proven it’s groundbreaking technology, the Collins Melter can handle mixtures of material to melt and produce a resin that can be used to make viable commercial products.

The mix sent to Newtecpoly to test the machine included old Sports Shoes (at their end of life) bubble wrap and pallet wrapping(plus an Australia Post satchel). The sports shoes included laces, inner and outer soles plus the body. All this mix was put into the melter and then produced into a solid iBeam as a sample.

We need to look at plastic as a commodity not as a waste and see the potential for making new products from it. Newtecpoly has engineered the Holy Grail of the industry, now is the time for us all to see the full potential of this technology and its commercial potential.

Full information on Newrtecpoly can be found here. I am sure Colin and the team would love to hear from you.

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