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Solar Street and Park Lighting by Phillips

Solar Street and Park Lighting by Phillips

Solar Street and Park Lighting by Phillips

Residents safety and security in public spaces is becoming an issue in the media and local government needs to find a cost-effective way to manage this issue from a power cost and sustainability viewpoint.

The SunStay Lighting system by Phillips is an effective way to light parks, carparks and other dark areas to help people feel safer and to deter attacks. SunStay is an all-in-one solar lighting package, offers high brightness with the low blackout risk. With motion sensor modifying the lighting according to human presence, it is a combination of green and smart solar lighting.

SunStay all in one street light

Delivering 175 lumen/watt with a built-in sensor that can detect people’s movement and 100% lamination is achieved.

Reduce your electricity usage and carbon emissions at the same time as giving residents peace of mind.

Ideal for remote carparks, parks, schools and walking paths.

Easy to install, no electricians needed.
Can be installed on vertical poles or horizontal arms with 0 to 15-degree adjustable angle
Long Lifetime LiFePO4 battery gives long lifetime and high safety standard
Water and dustproof IP65 certified, withstands extreme weather conditions.
Smart PIR sensor to saves energy Built-in PIR sensor can detect people’s motion to save energy by light dimming.
High efficiency Delivers 175 lumen/watt
Safety Self-diagnosis with LED indicators of battery charging and discharging.

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