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Watreco is a market-driven cleantech company. With sustainable approach under the principle “bring nature into technology”. Watreco works with innovations were biomimetic is an active part. The company develop and sell (via H2oVortex) patented energy-efficient products and systems for water treatment on a global market.

Save Water & Energy, Reduce Maintenance


Aeration of rivers with Flowmixer

Save Water

Installing H2oVortex water treatment technology in your application will reduce your water consumption, your energy demand — and give you better results at the same time.

Reduce Equipment Maintenance

Our water treatment solutions prevent and reduce calcium and limescale deposits — the biggest cause of high maintenance costs on installations and machinery which come in contact with water. H2oVortex’s water treatment solutions reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of all installations.

Save Energy

​H2oVortex’s sustainable solutions work with nature, not against it. We start with the customer’s needs, combine them with our patented vortex technology and look for the best way to solve a particular problem. We use innovative thinking and an innovative approach to develop, sell and deliver systems and solutions that work for our customers and for the world around us. We call this being “in harmony with nature”.

Easy Installation

All H2oVortex equipment is easy to install – just connect it to the water source. The water is treated by making it flow through the patented VPT (Vortex Process Technology). There are no moving parts — and no chemicals are used in the treatment, which means no operation or maintenance costs.

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